About BIS

BIS Education Group came into being in 1995 as a pioneering institution for learning in Gurgaon. The idea of establishing a Training institution in the State of Haryana has its origin in the observations of the UGC Committee under the Chairmanship of BIS which observed that “the Education system in Gurgaon is well established and has the potential of growing into a full-fledged Computer Training Institute, website designing institute in Gurgaon. Bis is provide to best training of website designing and it give to chance that you improve your knowledge in web designing and other skill. BIS is a new thinking and modernity proof that gives not only an educative to its students, but also gives an easy way to walk in the world.” The tasks that are performed by BIS Education Group according to the act are: To offer instruction and research in various branches of technology, best IT training institute in Gurgaon, vocation and profession as the BIS Education Group may esteem necessary of proper; Get various degrees, diplomas, certificates to any prescribe courses of education; Give examinations to hold degrees, diplomas, certificates, and other academic distinctions; To analyze the work of education system that is organized by the academic programmers; associate and institutions therewith interlocking system in the field of education.

BIS Education Group aims to offer educational opportunities mainly to the large group of people, particularly to the disadvantaged groups of people remote and rural areas, women, service people, and so on. And we know how to empower our students and how to move forward so that our students can build a future. Institute of Studies and Continuing Education with a view to strengthen and achieve proper coordination among the education training resources and to serve the people of State a uniformly high-quality education. We offer computer training that is very beneficial for the students. Education in accordance with the suggestion of the Education Council, And not only are we pushing this campaign of our education in Gurgaon but every corner of Delhi so that the future of some of the stupendous will go in the future and we will get the good fortune that we also have a contribution to the society of this technology and skills in India, has been too. It evolved and developed its inception and now in Gurgaon, it has a good infrastructure of its own. Get Education in accordance with the suggestion of the Education Council, It evolved and developed since its inception it has a good infrastructure of its own..

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