Franchiser Support
1. Best IT training Institute in India offering all types of latest IT courses to students.
2. Zero Risk Model- Proven business Model, which achieved operational break-even within 2 months.
3. Zero Competition Model-No other player in market today offering same services at similar prices.
4. Full support of brand in the initial phase to make business viable
5. Get ‘Job Ready’-The only computer institute which focuses on personality aspects to make students job ready.

Franchisee Testimonial


After association with BISITM I got to know how important technology is in the society. The goal of technological education is to make students better thinker, creative and confident. Computer education plays very vital role in our life and career development that leads the growth of the nation.



The excellence of 25+ years, a reputed brand name and the unique teaching methodology are a few reasons due to which I am able to compete the market at a very good pace..



At the very minimum cost of the investment. It was unexpected to get 10 fold returns in span of 2.5 years only. I was able to run a profitable business from the very first year of taking the franchise.



The marketing strategy of BISITM team helped me to mark a presence in the online and local market of student who took admission directly from BISITM marketing lead.



I feel so proud to collaborate with BISITM. The branch takes good care of quality of education by regularly inspecting, cross checking the performance, training the teachers, emphasizing on practical session, providing chapter based assignments, live projects and conducting exams.